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Classic Full Set Extensions – $100  –  A Classic Eyelash extenuate applied individually to each healthy natural lash. A very natural one coat of mascara look. Appointment Time – 1-1.5 hours

Volume Full Set Eyelash Extensions – $100– Volume Extensions are Ultra thin extensions which are fanned by hand 2-10 extensions are wrapped around each healthy natural lash. Fluffy, full and dark lash line. Looks great on anyone who loves to do a full face of makeup. Appointment Time – 1.5-2 hours

Hybrid Full Set Eyelash Extensions -$100– A Mix of classic and Volume Extensions. A happy medium – Not too natural And Not to Glam. Appointment Time – 1.5-2 hours

All Fills are $80 and have to have 50% of coverage left.

Brow Tint and Clean up -$45 – Tint your already great brows for a bit more definition. We will tweeze or wax and clean up the brow area for a polished clean look Appointment Time – 40 minutes

Eyelash Extensions Removal -$35

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“Kandi does not disappoint! She’s quick, knowledgeable and when your lashes are done, their beautiful.
Everytime she touches my lashes, they are fire and people are complimenting my lashes. That’s because she knows what styles suit each of her clients. Highly recommend booking with Kandi.”


“My fave Lash Tech. Always has my lashes looking like perfection. Not only does Kandi apply them quickly but they are always flowing beautifully and are so durable. Very talented tech!! Never disappointed.”


“Hi, i’m Tajia one of Kandi’s Loyal clients and i’m obsessed with her work. She so talented, Kandi takes her time to perfect her sets. Her lashes are long lasting and very good quality. shes makes me feel very welcomed and i’ll always get my minks done by her.”


“Kandi’s attention to detail is like no other. She ensures that every lash is accounted for while examining each clients eyes and constructs a customized lash design unique to each of her clients. Kandi is effortlessly swift and efficient in completing her services and takes absolute pride in ensuring that her clients are completely comfortable throughout the duration of their appointments. I rate Kandi’s services 10/10 and 100% recommend her to anyone looking for the ultimate lash experience!!! Kandi’s lashes are simply amazing and the definition of true perfection! I can’t live without them!!!”

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Please keep your extensions dry from any moisture including sweat and steam for 24 hours after application.
Do not use any products that contain oil or high amounts of glycerin within the eye area. (Oils break down the glue bond, resulting in premature extension shed). Natural oils must be cleansed away DAILY for maximum retention. This means washing the eyelid and extensions with a lash cleanser or baby shampoo. Pat dry after cleansing and use mascara wand to comb through. Giving your extensions a brush every morning after cleansing will keep your set looking fresh and fluffy.
Avoid sleeping on your extensions.
Do not pick or pull at extensions.


You can cancel online up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Please advise that any appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the full amount of the service missed.
Please note that we do not fill other technicians work. We ask that you book a removal followed by a full set if you are wearing extensions from another salon.


We’re social butterflies but our studio is a small space. Please do not bring your friends or little ones in with you for your appointments. Thank you in advance!


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